MKHA presents a new Luxury Venue to Milton Keynes

With the capacity for over 500 guests, will easily host your parties, conferences, balls, wedding and more.

The Marquee

This marquee will be over 600 m2 of un obstructed floor space. In addition will have stage, storage, 2 meeting rooms 4m x 10m, well equipped kitchen, Luxury Gents and Ladies toilets in addition to disabled facilities. High ceilings with Luxury lining, Chandelier lighting and more

There are very limited venues that offer this level of facilities with the size and capacity. Easy access from the motorway, makes this an excellent choice for any events.

This venue will be available to rent throughout the year with management always at hand. The planning process is progressing well and we are now starting with fine details and fund raising.


The project is circ £200,000 and are seeking for lenders to offer interest free loans.

We are accepting from £1000.00 to any capacity to reach our expected expenditure. In the event of any surplus, lenders will be repaid in the order the pledge were made. The funds will be ring fenced until the planning approval is received. In the unlikely event of the planning refusal, all lenders fund will be returned within 30 days. The lender money will be guaranteed to be returned within 5 years.

The loan arrangement will be between MKHA and the lender. The Loan is for 5-year term and we are confident to be able to repay this debt in year 2. The potential rental for this size marquee is in range of £8000 to £12,000 per day and we anticipate approx. 25 events per year.

At start of year 5, if the loans are still outstanding, MKHA would repay this debt from any reserves they hold and any shortfall would be from bank loan with our phase 1 building as security which is worth over £1 million at today’s market value.

A formal loan agreement will be drawn for each lender. The lenders are also advised to seek personal legal advice.

The lenders will benefit from priority booking and preferential rate.

We have already started the pre installation preparations and will be at full speed once the planning approval process is complete.

This prospectus cannot detail everything and therefore if you have any questions or queries, please contact any of our 3-specialist listed below for details and a presentation.

Sam Panchal.     07836 797047      email

Manjula Koria.    07850 561345      email

Tarika Yajnik       07973 791994      email