MKHA Election 2021 Nomination

Terms and Conditions

In accordance with our Constitution (clause 17.4) nomination for election to the Executive Committee can only be made by persons who are members of the Charity. Members must be 18 years or over and have paid full annual, life or patron-based subscriptions. The nominations must be supported by two nominators who must be current paid-up members of MKHA, and posted, submitted, or emailed to the executive committee at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting. Nominations must be received no later than 5th December 2021.

Postal address:

The Executive Committee,
Milton Keynes Hindu Association Community Centre,
Ferry Meadows Close,
Milton Keynes,
MK10 9QY

The following persons are disqualified from nomination:

  1. Those who have been convicted of any offence involving dishonesty or deception.
  2. Those who have been adjudged bankrupt or have had a sequestration of their estate and (in neither) they have not been discharged.
  3. Those who have made a composition or arrangement with or granted a trust deed for, their creditors and have not been discharged in respect of it.
  4. Those who have been removed from the office of any organisation trustee or trustee for an organisation by an order administration of the organisation for which they were responsible or to which they were privy or which they by their conduct contributed to or facilitated.
  5. Those who have been subject to a disqualification order under the company director’s disqualification act 1986 or to an order made under section 429(2) (b) of the Insolvency act (failure to pay under country court administration order)