Dear members,

Following the publication of the results of the MKHA Executive committee elections on the 12/12/21, in the interest of transparency the Board of Trustees set out below the number of votes each candidate secured:-

Vinod Pankhania (78)

Nisha Dutta-Plummer (7)
Janak Gheewala (16)
Ramnik Gohil (63)

Tarika Yajnik (74)

Asst. Secretary
Shobhna Padhiar (66)

Executive committee:-
Swapna Alladi (41)
Shobhna Bhatt (27)
Nisha Dutta-Plummer (53)
Janak Gheewala (52)
Ramnik Gohil (46)
Jayesh Islania (33)
Chetna Lalji (60)
Manish Liladhar (46)
Deesha Nathubhai (51)
Shobhna Padhiar (23)
Veena Pankhania (51)
Vinod Pankhania (18)
Ramananda Pokkulla (17)
Sulochana Savdas (59)
Kaushik Shah (66)
Reshma Tanna (47)
Ramnik Tosar (79)
Tarika Yajnik (26)

(5 voting forms declared void)

We are aware that some candidates have raised questions over the integrity of the voting process and would invite them to attend an independent verification process with former Trustees and respected members of the community.
MKHA Trustees?