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Metro Bank, Milton Keynes support for Milton Keynes Hindu Association (charity number 802344)  

Metro Bank is pleased to outline the terms of our offer to make a donation to the Milton Keynes Hindu Association (charity number 802344) based upon the members/users of the MK Hindu Association taking up the service of “Safe Deposit Boxes” (SDB) at Metro Bank at either of the two Milton Keynes Stores at the following locations:  


Metro Bank                                                 Metro Bank

44-46 Midsummer Arcade                          Unit E Babbage Gate

Midsummer Boulevard                               Oakgrove

Milton Keynes                                            Milton Keynes

MK9 3BB                                                   MK10 9SU  


Amount:  Metro will make a donation of £50.00 for each Extra Small / Small Box and £100.00 for each Medium, Large and Extra Large box taken up. 

The Donation will be paid up to 60 days after the expiry of the Period of Offer, or sooner should the maximum donation sum be reached. 

Period of Offer to the charity’s members/users is as follows:- 

Date of Commencement: 22.05.16 Date of Termination:  22.11.16 

Maximum Total Donation:  £5,000 payable by Metro Bank to MK Hindu Association 

Customer must choose annual payments option for the SBD’s.  

The terms above are subject to Metro Bank’s terms and conditions for the service of Safe Deposit Boxes and the above may be varied at any time.  This offer is a onetime offer to support the MK Hindu Association.    

Metro Bank PLC is registered in England and Wales, company number: 6419578. Registered office: One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA. We’re authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. ‘Metrobank’ is the registered trade mark of Metro Bank PLC.